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dubturbo2 300x300 DUBturbo ReviewIf you are interested in mixing your own beats without spending $1000s, you have come to the right place. I recently used a completely new beat and music mixing software referred to as DUBTurbo. This webpage is a complete write-up based on that experience.  It includes what I liked about it, a few things I didn’t like and who it is a best fit for.

If you do not know what DUBTurbo is, it is a beat making software that can be used on your PC or online to create and mix professional quality tracks in any genre of music. It offers studio quality tools, a 16-track sequencer, drum machine, keyboard package, as well as over 2400 studio made samples, presentation and sales kits, and a lot more.


About Me

I began creating my own beats a few years ago.  I started off using Jamstudio and some other free/low quality mixing software.  Eventually it became a hobby of mine and I still dedicate a good portion of my spare time to it.  I really enjoy being able to create something that is completely my own.  I came across DUBTurbo awhile ago and decided to give it a try.  I have been using it for a few months now and have really learned how to get the most out of it.  I put up this website to help others understand what all it offers.


My First Impression Of DUBTurbo 2

A little while ago when DUBTurbo 2 was released, I held off on getting it for a bit.  However, I kept on hearing about from a few of my friends who are also into mixing beats so I eventually gave in.  To be honest, I didn’t expect a lot.  I mean, what can you really get for less than $50 bucks these days?

After setting it up and watching all of the tutorial videos, I was surprised at how high quality it seemed. The DUBTurbo 2 interface was easy to use and was organized in way that made sense. The controls were all easy to understand and most of them were click and drag. This made mixing very easy.

I made my first beat inside an hour, which was pretty awesome! I am sure that anybody could take action just as I did because the video tutorials provided make it so easy to understand.


dubturbo download 273x300 DUBturbo ReviewHere ís Things I Like About DUBTurbo 2

1. The Tutorial Videos Demonstrate What Direction To Go

They make it practically mindless. The videos do a good job of breaking down every part of the DUBTurbo 2 software. They also guide you through several easy to follow examples.

These videos also supply you with a great overview of all the features that come with it and the way to actually take advantage of all the software has to offer. You will see and learn very quickly, and you will not wander off looking for what to do next. The videos make it very clear.

2. It is extremely Easy To Use And That Means You Won’t Spend Time Fumbling Around

All of the controls inside the program are point, click and drag. There is nothing sloppy about it. It is easy to copy the 16 tracks (YES! it provides a 16 track sequencer!) because of the copy and edit features. You can even use tracks from the built in library to get started with your own beats!

That is truly the way I started. I grabbed one of the premium samples and started playing around with it. Before long, I had something completely new that sounded as if a pro had done it.

3. It’s Recording Quality, That Will Help You Make Money Selling Your Beats

Lots of people will not recognize how important that is, and frankly, most won’t ever need that level of sophistication. However if you have a goal becoming a pro or selling your beats for profit, you have to deliver in-studio quality(44.1 Stereo system system .wav files). DUB Turbo 2 does that standard.

4. You Will Discover thousands of Samples To Help You Get Started

Sometimes the simplest technique to get started doing all your own stuff is remix the tracks of others. Their designs are very revealing, particularly if you don’t have experience. This allows you to definitely experience how beats you would like are made. That will give you a pro model to imitate as you learn and make you a lot better much faster.

Additionally, you can access (using the program) other clients of DUBTurbo who’ve made beats that they are selling. This way you can see what other pro’s using the same system are able to come up with.  You also may be able to make some money selling your beats back to them.

5. You’ll Be Able To Import Your Own Individual Sounds

I really think this is really one of the best features of DUBTurbo 2. You already have way over 2400 studio quality sounds that come standard. But if you are still not able to find exactly what you want in their built-in library, just import your own sounds. This is great way to really put your own style into the mix.

6.You Don’t Have To Buy Expensive Equipment

You don’t have to buy any other equipment. Anyone else who is set on creating professional and stereo quality beats, will need to be able to afford keyboards, mixers, samplers, monitors, earphones, microphones, software, wires, and sound cards. This cost builds up fast which is probably 100 times more expensive that getting DUBTurbo.  And there is no time investment to get DUBTurbo setup – just grab it, watch a video to learn a bit and start mixing!

Plus, most artists aren’t serious enough to buy a digital audio workstation. This is a lot of money to have and you must be really committed to the profession before spending that much. Now, Dub Turbo 2 allows somebody that’s simply beginning or with some experience to really hone their skills before investing thousands of dollars in all the equiqment.


dubturbo software DUBturbo ReviewHere Are The Two Items That, In My Opinion, Could Be Improved For DUBTurbo 2

First, you’ll need a decent video card to run it on your computer. DUBTurbo 2 is somewhat resource intensive, technically speaking. Because of this, if your computer is older than 4 or 5 years, you may have some issues with it. However, if you have a newer computer or even one that is 2 or 3 years old, you should be fine.

Secondly, if you are already a pro at mixing your own beats and have been doing it for a while, you will probably want to skip this. DUBTurbo 2 is very effective for those just getting into it and those that have only been around a few years. But if you have been laying tracks down for a while now, you will likely want a bit more power.

For the other 90% of the people searching for something like this, DUBTurbo 2 is the way to go.

In summary, DUBTurbo 2 has everything a beginner or intermediate person wanting to make there own beats would want.  And its all in one place so their is no setup time.  You can get started mixing your own professional-sounding beats in a one hot minute for less than $50 bucks.

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